AquaBioTech Group Ltd

AquaBioTech Group is an independent aquaculture and biotechnology testing/research and consulting company with its own dedicated research facilities. ABT group operates globally, specializing in three main areas: Contracted aquaculture research for feed development and pharmaceutical testing; Design and commissioning of land-based aquaculture production systems; Aquaculture and fisheries consultancy including market research, feasibility, and due diligence studies. Three AquaBioTech Group laboratories are involved in Pharm-ERA project : Microbiology lab, Ecotoxicology lab and Ecology lab.

Research interests & Main objectives

  • The Ecotoxicology laboratory maintains cultures of several species of algae and diatoms as well as aquatic invertebrates. It can run studies adhering to : Tier 1 [Single species tests – acute: OECD 201 (Algae), OECD 202 (Daphnia), OECD 203 (Fish), OECD 211 Daphnia reproduction, ISO 11348 (Vibrio), ISO 14669 (Copepods), and ISO 16778 (Acartia tonsa)]. It also has extensive experience in Biofouling research, measuring the toxicity and efficacy of coatings in situ and en vivo.
  • The Microbiology Laboratory has banks of the majority of aquatic pathogens and is involved in challenge studies as well as Pathogen isolation, Pathogen banking, Growth studies, Culture and purification of protists, Biological water quality monitoring, BOD, COD, TSS, Bacterial counts (TVC, Coliforms, E. coli etc),  Diagnostic – services, Histology, histopathology
  • The Ecology Laboratory is fully equipped for the determination of fish age as well as processing of marine sediments.

Principal investigators

Adrian Love -  Head of Aquatic Ecotoxicology & Principal Aquaculture Consultant 

Marina Maritati

Equipment and processes

The labs manage all equipment necessary to undertake the aforementioned OECD and ISO guidelines; calibrated and validated to the highest laboratory standards as well as trained and experienced staff.

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