Knowledge & Research in Environment And Toxicology In Silico

Experts in Computational (Eco)Toxicology

KREATiS is a unique organization standing at the interface between Research & Development and Regulation, with a strong experience in the development and the use of in silico (eco)toxicology, endocrine disruption and physicochemical models. Our activity contributes to generate predictions for hazard screening of chemicals or to complete regulatory dossiers in the most time and cost efficient way possible. KREATiS is also strongly involved in research projects to understand the mechanism of toxic action of chemicals and to investigate the effect of complex natural and synthetic substances (e.g. UVCB) for cosmetics and fragrance industries.


Research interests or Main objectives

  • KREATiS carries out the development of models to identify structural alerts related to an increasing diversity of mechanisms of toxic action and to predict endpoints such as acute and chronic aquatic ecotoxicity, physico-chemistry, environmental fate and human health toxicological endpoints,
  • KREATiS stands at the interface between research and regulation and provides in silico solutions to clients creating regulatory dossiers (e.g. REACH) or to apply Safe and Sustainable by Design approaches, among others.


Principal investigator

Dr. Paul Thomas - Senior Ecotoxicologist & model developer (President KREATiS)             

Staff involved in Pharm-ERA

Dr. Floriane LARRAS – Ecotoxicologist & in silico consultant

Equipment and processes

KREATiS is an in silico R&D company, meaning that its equipment is based uniquely on computational equipment and grey matter. The staff has all the skills and experience needed to design bioassays, manage chemical and ecotoxicological big databases and to develop models, databases and platforms (e.g. statistics, coding).

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